We Have Your Back When Searching For Assisted Living Facilities

Searching for the best-assisted living facility in Washington for your loved one is challenging. There are so many things to think about – your loved one’s comfort, safety and budget are top of mind. It’s important to make sure your due diligence dives below the surface.

Not all assisted living facilities in Washington are well-managed and safe. Some have serious complaints made against them. To choose the right facility for your relative, we recommend reviewing each facility’s history of investigations and citations. Attorney Matt Menzer of Menzer Law Firm, PLLC, is passionate about holding assisted living facilities in Washington responsible for the harm they cause their residents. He’s put together an Assisted Living Facilities Violations Map, which notes complaints, investigations and violations for assisted living facilities throughout the state. You can see the potential risk associated with a facility based on the colors – green, yellow or red. An assisted living facility marked as a red dot on the map poses a higher risk based on its history of enforcement actions.

If your loved one is a current resident of an assisted living facility and you discover that they’ve been injured or harmed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Menzer Law. Nursing home and elder abuse lawyer Menzer will review your circumstances and advise you of your rights under Washington law. Call 206-970-2685 or contact us online to set up your free initial consultation.

Assisted Living Facility Information Is Online

Performing due diligence on assisted living facilities in Washington is much easier now than it was a few years ago. There’s a wealth of information online with the state of Washington’s Aging and Long-Term Support Administration (ALTSA). You can review investigation reports, inspection reports, fire inspection reports and enforcement letters to learn about what’s happened at a facility in recent years and how the staff responded.

Risky Facilities In Washington State

We have analyzed the data made available to the public by the state of Washington and identified some of the most frequently cited facilities in the State:

  1. Cherrywood Place; Spokane, Washington: 38
  2. Pacifica Senior Living Snohomish; Snohomish, Washington: 33
  3. The Cottages of Lacey; Lacey, Washington: 25
  4. McGee Guest Home; Spanaway, Washington: 20
  5. Rose Garden Estates; Ritzville, Washington: 18
  6. Haven in Allyn, LLC; Allyn, Washington: 17
  7. Woodway Senior Living; Bellingham, Washington: 16
  8. Cooks Hill Manor; Centralia, Washington: 15
  9. Louisa Place; Ferndale, Washington: 15
  10. Bonaventure of Lacey; Lacey, Washington: 14
  11. Keystone; Seattle, Washington: 14
  12. Olympic View Assisted Living; SeaTac, Washington: 14
  13. Rose Pointe Assisted Living; Spokane Valley, Washington: 12
  14. Fairwood Northridge LLC; Spokane, Washington: 10
  15. Bethesda Lutheran Communities 19th Street; Renton, Washington: 10

All of these facilities had 10 or more enforcement actions/letters in recent years. You shouldn’t just consider the number of enforcement actions/letters related to the facility, though. You should also take into account the type and severity of the violations at issue.

What To Look For In Your Search

Below are examples of what to look for when using our Assisted Living Facilities Violations Map to research assisted living facilities. Though ALTSA provides a wealth of information, it can be overwhelming. Our map gives you that information in a clear and easy-to-read format.

Cherrywood Place has had two or more enforcement letters each year since 2017, which indicates serious and ongoing problems. For example, an enforcement letter from May 2019 showed civil fines and conditions on the assisted living facility’s license due to several deficiencies, such as bed bugs, improper food sanitation and retaliation by staff.

Keystone is a facility in Seattle with several enforcement actions as well. There were two enforcement letters in 2019 as well as three investigations and three enforcement letters in 2018. Keystone is a good example of how important it is to look closely at enforcement letters – they aren’t all about new problems. Recent letters can show you whether a facility corrected deficiencies from a previous inspection or complaint.

Emerald City Senior Living has several investigations and enforcement letters. One investigation was as recent as February 2020. It’s important to look for recent issues, but don’t discount problems that arose a year or two ago. The facility could have many of the same staff members. Daystar at Westwood has had several investigations and enforcement letters in recent years. If you look at the enforcement letters, you’ll find the December 2017 letter stated that the facility failed to provide safe medication services which resulted in medication errors. This is a serious issue.

Always take a look at the most recent fire inspection report as well. For example, read Cannon House’s 2019 fire inspection report. That’s what you want to see: “Congratulations! No Violations!”

Queen Anne Manor is another example of a facility receiving numerous enforcement letters in recent years. The letter from February 2020 noted civil fines for violations and deficiencies that weren’t corrected. When considering a facility, look for whether an inspection revealed issues and whether the facility quickly addressed those issues.

Cogir Northgate received enforcement letters regarding medication errors – a serious issue at assisted living facilities. Keep a close eye out for this type of violation, especially when it’s a repeated deficiency, as is the case with this facility.

Spring Manor is a good example of why it’s important to read through the documents online, even if they’re long and tedious. Among seemingly minor violations are potentially serious issues, like one resident being assaulted by another. Physical abuse, sexual abuse and financial exploitation between residents is concerning, particularly if the facility failed to report it or take steps to protect the victim.

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